Marketing is a very important thing in business. It is said that with good marketing a lot can be done. There are many types of marketing. The type of marketing that has become more and more popular over the years is affiliate marketing. And what is affiliate marketing?

In short, affiliate marketing is a type of marketing which is based on promoting the business of your partners on your website for a certain percentage of profit. It is especially popular among online casinos and bookmakers because their major source of revenue comes from affiliate marketing. They usually find some bloggers or other types of websites to incorporate the information about some bonuses and promotional codes, such as promotional code for Star Spins in 2019 in the blog or website.

For those who are not familiar with the term and are unaware of how useful it is, in the following article, we will define affiliate marketing and explain how it works.


Affiliate marketing is similar to Internet marketing because it uses some internet advertising methods. It is a type of performance-based type of marketing. In affiliate marketing, you reward your partner with a certain amount of money or a percentage of profit for each customer brought by the partner.

In other words, you pay other people to promote your business. However, you do not pay them until they promote your offering successfully. What does this mean for your partner?

Your partner who promotes your business needs to use his or her skills in order to attract more customers for you. The more customers he or she has, the more money he or she will get.


Quite often, affiliate marketing is confused with referral marketing. The confusion happens because both referral and affiliate marketing use partners, the third parties, to make sales. However, the difference between affiliate marketing and referral marketing is in motivation. Unlike referral marketing which relies on the trust of its consumers, affiliate marketing is motivated by financial gain only.


Before we explain how affiliate marketing works we need to explain who affiliates are. Affiliates are usually bloggers, but they can be any kind of a website, for example, any content site related to merchandise. Usually, affiliates write a blog or an article in which they introduce the offering. Each time a visitor clicks on the link given to the affiliate a cookie appears. Then you track the cookie which leads you to the website of a certain company. In this way, the offering of the company was promoted successfully.


If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, you first need to find the company the affiliate of which you want to become and to sign up. Then, you will receive a link with a username and ID. In the article or blog, you write you will incorporate the link. You should try to use your skills in order to promote the offering in the best way possible.


Each time a client visits the website of the company, the company receives a notification which tells them the name of the affiliate who sent the client and the affiliate gets paid. The commission payouts are received usually on monthly basis, but that depends on the company.