The Vegas Shoot is the most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the world and will take place on 10 to 12 February 2017. The Vegas Shoot is a 3 day competition and it is very well known around the Globe and attracted over 3000 archers in 2016, from beginners to Olympic. As a result, there are many bettors who are keen to test their luck at one of the events. Those who plan to win money with a minimum investment, can check

The 2017 edition of The Vegas Shoot will feature an Open Division that will consist of a mixed gender category in the compound championship competition. It is a very big challenge for all the archers who will compete, regardless of the gender. They will shoot 30 arrows per day, making a total of 90 arrows at triangle-layout indoor triple-spot target faces. The maximum score the archers can obtain is 900 points.

The Vegas Shoot has grown due to high demand for their unique competition structure, and since the announcement of the open division Sara Lopez said she will enter the competition. She has great confidence in herself and she said she doesn’t enter the open division to prove something to the other people, but to see what she is capable of. And she knows she is capable of many great things. She hopes to shoot 900 points in The Vegas Shoot. Beside this she wants to be an inspiration to other women and a symbol to show that women are capable to achieve great tings if they work for it, regardless of who the competitor is.

Only two women have shot 900 points in the competition: Mary Zorn in 2010 and Sarah Lance in 2014, but Sara wouldn’t be bothered if she doesn’t shoot perfect 900. She already started to work with herself to improve her performance and her emotional response to such a high pressure that she already anticipates. “I already started to prepare myself and learn to handle my nerves but, to be honest, it wouldn’t bother me not to shoot perfect” said Sara.

There is another challenge for Sara to overcome before she actually starts her training. She needs to find a place that will host her training schedule. Indoor archery is not that common in Colombia, therefore she has to put some effort into finding that place first. And Sara Lopez has only a couple of weeks before this historic competition.

She said “Our job as female compounders is to work towards equality with the men. To obtain the same conditions, the same results and prove what we can achieve. Maybe, one day, we’ll get to shoot the Hyundai Archery World Cup in an open division. Who knows?”