As we go on in the new year, more and more events are getting closer. Most important competitions everyone is looking forward to, are the World Cup and the World Championship events. Below is a list of the upcoming archery events of 2017:

World Cup:
Nimes 2017: 20 to 22 January, Nimes, France
Las Vegas 2017: 10 to 12 February, Las Vegas, United States
Shanghai 2017: 16 to 21 May, Shanghai, China
Antalya 2017: 6 to 11 June, Antalya, Turkey
Salt Lake City 2017, 20 to 25 June, Salt Lake City, United States
Berlin 2017: 8 to 13 August, Berlin, Germany
Bangkok 2017 1 to 3 December, Bangkok, Thailand

World Championships:
Beijing 2017: 12 to 17 September ,Beijing, China
Robion 2017: 19 to 24 September, Robion, France
Rosario 2017: 2 to 8 October, Rosario, Argentina
Mexico City 2017 15 to 22 October, Mexico City, Mexico

The Outdoor and Indoor categories are very rich in games this year, with both national and international games. Below is a short list of archery competitions that will be held in the world in 2017, indoors and outdoors, in the next month. The list will be updated from one month to another.

HK Target Archery Tournament (Star Shoot), 21-22 January, Hong Kong, China
Coast WA 720 QRE, 22 January, Erina NSW, Australia
AV State Target Championships, 22 January, Melbourne, Australia
Australia Day Tournament, 28 and 29 January, Canberra, Australia
Target QRE, 29 January, Brisbane, Australia

18M Indoor, 21 January, Coquitlam, British Columbia
Petzen-Kristall-Turnier Indoor, 22 January, JUFA Halle Bleiburg, Austria
Arena Challenge 2017, 28-29 January, Kjellerup, Denmark
Frederiksborg Pokalen, 5 February, Hillerød, Denmark
Deer Park 4th Para WA 18m, 5 February, Cheltenham, Great Britain