The final match of one of the best football tourneys in the world is over, and it is time to analyze the outcome, praise the winners and console the losers. Let’s get to what happened, who won, and how.

Tottenham Hotspur

The Spurs have not made it into this competition since 1984 and have never before made it to the finals. That being said, they had a pretty impressive record this season, especially when you consider the fact that they had Barcelona and Inter Milan in their group. Their start of the season wasn’t a very strong one, with matches being lost to both Barcelona and Inter Milan. They barely managed to squeeze through to the next round.

In the quarter-finals, the Spurs took on the legendary champions of England – Man City. Tottenham won in the first leg and the second leg was awarded to them on away goals. The semi-finals had them pitted against Ajax, the four-time winner of the Cup. The score was 3-3 on aggregate and, again, the away goals prevailed.


The Reds, arguably, had a much weaker group of opponents. It was their win against Red Star that led them to the top of Group C. They defeated Porto in the quarter-finals with 6-1, and, in the semi-finals, they faced one of the favourites of the Cup, Barcelona. The first leg had Barcelona in the lead with 3-0, but the second leg is where the Reds gave it all – they won with 4-0, making the aggregate score 4-3. This was one of the most amazing comebacks in football. Liverpool was the clear favourite in the finals.

The Finals

Since the beginning, there were some questionable calls – the Reds were awarded a penalty before the first minute was up, as the Spurs’ Moussa Sissoko was accused of touching the ball with his hands. This allowed Mohamed Salah to score in the second minute of the game.

With the score of 1-0, Tottenham knew they had to step up. During the first half of the match, they held on to the ball. The game was briefly interrupted in the 18th minute due to a pitch invader. The Spurs gave it their all and were vicious, but there were misfires that kept the score 1-0 in the first half.

In the second half, the Spurs were trying hard to bring on the heat, with Jürgen Klopp displaying constant displeasure at Liverpool’s performance. In the 83rd minute, Eriksen was given a free-kick, but, unfortunately, nothing came of it. In the 87th minute, Origi sealed the fate of the Spurs with the second goal. There was nothing left for Tottenham to do at this point.

Final Thoughts

While Liverpool was better and expected to win, the Spurs have nothing to be ashamed of. They were aggressive, and while they did make mistakes, they also made it to the finals for the first time in the club’s history. Again, Liverpool could have performed better, as the disappointment on Klopp’s face was as present as the gameplay, but they have won and earned the victory.