Pretty soon, we will be able to enjoy the final of the UEFA Champions League, and the excitement is palpable. There were laughs and cries, as well as shock at some of the results, and the climax of it all comes as a match between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. After what the teams managed in the semi-finals, there is a number of people reading up every online betting review they can find in the hopes of discerning who will be the winner and how to get the biggest payout for guessing it right.

The Spurs

Tottenham had a rough start with a very challenging group. After climbing the board to the semi-finals, it became clear that their biggest challenge was about to occur – they faced Ajax. Ajax did a number on the Spurs in the first leg of the semi-finals with a single goal. The Spurs were the underdogs when they got the chance to make things right in the second leg, where they triumphed 3-2. The aggregate was 3-3, but the Spurs earned a place in the finals due to the goals they scored away. Lucas Moura stunned opponents, teammates, and the audience alike by scoring a hat-trick.

The Reds

A similar underdog story happened to Liverpool as well. A challenging group, rough climb, and the misfortune of taking on Barcelona. If Ajax showed Tottenham a few things in the first leg, then Barcelona nearly obliterated the Reds. The score was initially 3-0 for Barca, with Messi damaging not only Liverpool’s chances of getting into the finals, but their spirits as well. Still, they came back, stronger than ever, and took on Barcelona 4-0.  The men of the hour were Divock Origi, who started and finished the team’s resurrection, and Georginio Wijnaldum, whose entrance into the game after half-time signaled the beginning of the end for Barcelona. Sadio Mane tortured Barcelona’s defense until they could take no more.

Who Will Win?

Choosing a winner between these two teams is a very daunting task, indeed. The styles of play are somewhat similar, and both teams have competent managers and even more competent players. It is not a matter of who has the support of the underdog either. Clearly, we are running out of standard tools to predict the outcome of the match.

It doesn’t help if you try to compare each team’s stars. However, in addition to amazing shooters on both sides, Harry Kane, the captain of the National Team, plays for Tottenham. He might be out of commission, though, as he has not been on the pitch since his injury. He is not the only one, as both sides claim champions that might need to wait and see whether they are capable of taking on the challenge that is the finals.

Objectively and without picking favorites, we believe Liverpool has a good chance of defeating the Spurs in the finals for a few reasons. First of all, Liverpool dominated most of the encounters with Tottenham. While their advantage in this regard is not astonishing enough to guarantee victory, it is a clear indicator of who has been more successful on the pitch. Additionally, this could be the first time Liverpool wins the UCL, and they are hardly going to let that chance slip through their fingers. Tottenham has won the title twice already, so they may not be as motivated as their opponents.