Sofia Richie, 18, has been spotted spending a romantic time with Brooklyn Beckham in London as she is making a modeling career.

They were seen together with some friends going towards a bowling alley, and then leaving together at the end of the games. They have known each other for a while now and apparently they decided to become romantically involved. Their romantic outings go way back to last year too.

The daughter of Lionel Richie and the son of Victoria Beckham have been seen together last year too at the end of October. They were enjoying some sushi and laughed as they were walking on the alley. They seemed quite flirty and in love back then too, even if a source told MailOne that they aren’t actually dating. But their behaviors say a lot more than being just friends.

Sofia’s relationship with Brooklyn comes after one month of dating with Justin Bieber. The two broke up in September because Sofia wasn’t happy about how Bieber “handled a few things”. What kind of things he didn’t handle well we don’t know, but there aren’t any hard feelings about their ex relationship. Therefore, Sofia attended one of Bieber’s concerts at the end of October, and even wore a pair of his pants when she once met Brooklin.

Brooklin also has his past too. He was Chloe Moretz’s boyfriend, but broke up after being so stressed about all the attention it brought.

Being now together, Sofia and Brooklyn do make a beautiful young couple.