Usually, the focus in sports is on the more popular sports, such as football and basketball – and at the same time, the players in those areas get the most recognition. Predictions are made in detail for each game, such as this match preview. However, instead of focusing on football like everyone else, let’s see who the best archers of 2016 were, and give them some credit!

There are several archers who made themselves shine with their stunning performances throughout the 2016 year. They will be listed below together with a short summary of their performance to justify our pick. Also, we’ll mention some of the most exciting matches from last year that we believe are worth to mention here.

Best 2016 archers:

Number one in our list is, no one else than Brady Ellison. It makes sense that he is our number one because he had such an extraordinary year, and we enjoyed following him in his competitions! With only one short break in April when he got married, he joined the archery competitions and won many medals. In Shanghai Hyundai Archery World Cup he scored the third highest score in history: 697 points. He also won a silver medal in the Olympics in Rio for the USA team, and a bronze medal for individual. In Denmark, Dublin, he became World Archery Field Champion after he won the Longines Prize for Precision at the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in Odense. After all these successes, he made a new world record in Marrakesh with 598 points out of 600 and won the Indoor Archery World Cup.

Our second favorite archer is Sara Lopez, who was the number one woman in the world to win the Hyundai Archery World Cup stages in Shanghai, Antalya and Medellin. 2016 was the third consecutive year for her success. She didn’t compete at the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in 2016, but she made herself seen as unstoppable and fierce in the competitions she joined.

Our third favorite archer from 2016 is Zahra Nemati. She was the first Iranian woman to win in London and in Rio at the Olympic and Paralympic games. She made history with her performances getting gold medals, and she is a source of empowerment for many women. After winning the Olympics games in Rio she carried her national flag as a sign of pride she took for herself and for her country.

These three archers had such an impressive performance, they are models of inspiration for us and beginner archers. Now that 2017 has arrived we’re definitely looking forward to see them in the upcoming competitions.

The most exciting games of 2016

USA vs Korea in Rio, at the Olympic Games. Two strong teams against each other in which USA had to bow before Korea. Korea won then the gold medal and had an astonishing performance, keeping the pressure up. Ku Bonchan, who won the gold medal for individual, hit the 10 with all six of his arrows. Brady Ellison was part of the USA and was impressed with the performance of his competitors. He showed great respect for the Korean Team and wasn’t disappointed USA won the silver medal.

Going back to Brady Ellison, he had an amazing match against Sjef van den Berg in Odense, Denmark. It was a tense game where Ellison took a 4-0 lead but soon van den Berg levelled the score. Sjef lost to Brady and Brady took his fourth Hyundai Archery World Cup Final title in this amazing game.

These two games are our favorite from 2016 and we’re definitely going to see more of them, and even more exciting in this 2017 year.