Kate Upton and Justin Verlander started dating 4 years ago and got engaged in 2016. They haven’t revealed a wedding date, but before their wedding they want to party a lot. They have some ideas about their future parties and special bachelor and bachelorette parties.

The Detroit Tigers pitcher will start his off season training next month and the couple’s schedule will be very busy, and we don’t know when they are planning to get married. Since they recently bought a home together, their marriage should be on the way quite soon.

The party plans before the wedding will help Kate be inspired for the bachelorette party. She wants to party abroad in Mexico and as for the wedding, she doesn’t know too much. Her dress will probably be white as she stated, and she doesn’t know other details about the dress she’s going to wear. We’re sure that she’s going to have a beautiful dress.

Justin on the other hand, is planning to have more than one bachelor’s party, because it’s difficult for him to gather all his friends from around the country to one party.

As the beautiful couple has some ideas about the upcoming wedding, we’re looking forward to get more news about the big event.