Despite the fact that he is the number one archer in the compound men category, a very good athlete with many gold and silver medals and Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion for the first time at the Final held in Odense, Denmark, he didn’t make it through the first round of voting.

Mike Schloesser, or Mister Perfect, is a 23 year old Duch archer, representing The Netherlands in the competitions. He won a gold medal in Bangkok 2016 Indoor Archery World Cup Stage 2, and silver medal in the Marrakesh 2016 Indoor Archery World Cup Stage 1. He is number one in the World Ranking, followed by Brady Ellison on second place. In 2015 Sara Lopez was shortlisted for the award.

Mike is nicknamed Mister Perfect because he shot the perfect score of 600 points for the 18-metre ranking round at the Indoor Archery World Cup stage in Nimes in January 2015, becoming the only person in the history to achieve the perfect round in the competition. He could have done it two more times last year in 2016/17 indoor stage in November in Marrakesh and at stage two in Bangkok when he shot 599 out of 600. His performance stayed unbeatable ever since.

He was shortlisted among other 16 athletes to compete for the International World Games Association’s Athlete of the Year Award in 2016. According to the official website of the World Games Association, he earned 268 votes, too little points compared to other athletes. Therefore, he didn’t earn enough votes to make it to the final, and he is not one of the top ten finalists to compete for this award.

The first round of voting closed on 15 January and the top finalists are by the number of votes so far, Sofia Olofsson – Muay Thai Fighter from Sweden leading with 2517 votes. Ray Williams – Powerlifter from USA with 1781 votes. Marcin Dzieński from Poland with 1030 votes. Gabriele Goffredo & Anna Matus from Moldova with 831 votes, Tove Alexandersson from Sweden with 630 votes, Mixed Team from USA with 537 votes, Peter Kotilainen from Finland with 432 votes, Johan Driessen & Marget Neher from Germany with 424 votes and Freddy Krueger from USA with 405 votes.