We are now in 2019, however, when it comes to fashion, we still can learn a lot from 2018. Every year, celebrities try their best to have the most beautiful outfits on each of the celebrations they visit. When it comes to 2018, we may say that it was a successful year for fashion. Many celebrities showed off their impressive dresses on the Red Carpet.

In 2018, black was not in fashion. Celebrities started wearing colorful dresses as glamorous as any other black dress. But who was the best-dressed celebrity on the Red Carpet? Here are the five best-dressed celebrities in 2018.

Tracee Ellis Ross

The best-dressed celebrity of 2018 was definitely Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee Ellis Ross and her designer Karla Welch have done a great job the previous year. She showed off her amazing and stylish dresses at every event she attended. The Red Carpet was her place to shine. The voluminous fabric of her dresses and the sleek suit were here top choices. She looked amazing in every dress she wore. The dresses in dark or light pink were number one on the list of best dresses of 2018. Great job for Tracee Ellis Ross!

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is one fashionable former First Lady. Her pantsuits were number one on the list of best-dressed celebrities in 2018. However, we should not forget the elegant and glamorous dresses she wore on the Red Carpet. Her style emphasizes her love for fashion, which is why we regret not seeing her more often in her luxurious outfits.

Dakota Johnson

The pretty actress and the star of the movie series Fifty Shades of Gray has always impressed us with her floor-length dresses. She prefers wearing long dresses and tea-length dresses with a fitted waist. The elegance in her style is impressive. Her stylist Kate Young did a great job in 2018 making her one of the five best-dressed celebrities in the previous year.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is famous for her style. The glamour and luxury in her outfits impress many people. Her outfits never get boring. 2018 was not any different from the previous years. Her suits and her floor-length dresses made our jaw drop. Good job for Lady Gaga and her stylist Marc Jacobs.

Cardi B

Cardi B is our fifth celebrity on the list. Even though she had a baby bump, she was still one of the best-dressed celebrities in 2018. She wore amazing floor-length and tea-length dresses with a fitted waist in black color and other colors as well, which enabled her to become our top five best-dressed celebrity.

We look forward to future events and new surprises from these fashion icons!