Violent storms hit the South of Mississippi and Florida Panhandle and some parts of Alabama and Georgia. After violent storms ripped through the south-eastern states, many people lost their homes and the number of deaths and injuries reached a high number.

The tornado inflicted massive damage to all affected areas and there could be more storms and severe weather forecasted by the National Weather Service. The weather service’s Storm Prediction Center asked the residents to prepare as they announced more “dangerous outbreaks of tornadoes”. There are 4.8 million people living in the high risk area and about 38 million people who are under the slight risk area affected by the severe weather.

A total of 18 people died due to the tornadoes Saturday and Sunday in Mississippi. Sunday morning there were 23 people injured in Georgia. There are several homes that were destroyed in the area, trees were uprooted and snapped in half. The mobile home park was damaged and several mobile homes were moved around by the hit of the tornadoes.

Patrick Marsh, warning coordination meteorologist at the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, said that this is a rare event for Florida. January tornado outbreaks are rare, but they do happen. The last time the prediction center released a high-risk danger weather forecast was in 2014. If the deaths continue to rise as the weather doesn’t become better, the death toll would be worse than the one from 1999 when 18 people died due to severe storms in other states in the United States.

President Trump expressed his condolences to the people and families affected by the tornadoes. He acknowledged that the people were suffering from injuries and loss because of the vicious storms. Donald Trump said that the people of Georgia will get help to go through the severe damage and recover.