It’s always enlightening and makes people’s hearts feel warm when they hear about generosity. There are some who are generous and then there are others who are extra kind. There are also some who may not be able to afford as much but tried helping as much as they could anyway. Of course, it only matters what your heart is like, helping in any way you can. It doesn’t exactly matter if you donate more than other people even though it does help a lot more. The fact of the matter is- if you donate and help the people who have less than you, you are a good person. Here are a few famous people who have really taken a huge step in the meaning of helping.

Jami Gertz and Antony Ressler

For one thing, Jami is an actress, so you can probably guess where a little of that money comes from. Her husband, Antony, is also very successful in the business world. The Ares Capital, who he is co-founder for, is just an example of how successful he is. They have dropped off a total of $10,569,002 to charities. This was split among the LA County Museum of Art, Cedar Sinai Medical Center and the Ressler Gertz Foundation. That’s a lot of money to improve things and help people for the better good.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is an actor and he donated at an astonishing number of $6,853,020. This was for the A.P. Reilly Foundation. Through his support in the church, this was done. This money can be of good use for others who need it.

Herb Alpert

Donations were made towards the Herb Alpert Foundation, exceeding towards the number of $9,104,829. It’s a good deed, for this increases well being of compassion and arts that help others through difficult times. In order for the effects of foundations to work, it needs to be advanced further through generous donations. This helps spread the well being that it was created to do. The good from this foundation will spread far and wide.

Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is a very famous author, and it’s no secret that she not only writes amazing things in books. She brings amazing things to life through her generous donations too. She has given $3,000,000 to the Nora Roberts Foundation and this can makes things much easier for the world of literacy. This is mainly about helping children’s programs, which in turn, will make kids happier and smarter and grow up to help the world and make it a better place. She also focused on humanitarian efforts for the whole of humanity.