The 28 year old professional American archer scored 598 out of 600 points and broke the world record set in 2001 for the indoor competition. Ellison tied the record more times in the past, but never got to the point to conquer it. And now, after 15 years, he was the one to get it.

This great achievement comes for Brady a month after he had surgery to reconstruct his kneecap. His knee condition made his performance more challenging, but didn’t stop him from scoring the highest number of points in the 2016/17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Marrakesh, Morocco, and setting the new world record. His competitor, Michele Frangilli who scored 597 points, congratulated Brady for his success.

Beside the fact that he made a new world record, Ellison was under the spotlight in Marrakesh also for looking very much like Leonardo DiCaprio. The second best archer in the world ranking, Brady modestly said he just came to the competition “to try to get some points”. His modesty had his archery experience behind, which makes his performance even more spectacular.
He mentioned that he focused very well and did his best to score high points: “I was aiming well and I was aggressive, pulling through quick. […] Don’t hesitate and don’t hold too long and just go.”

Brady complained that his knee was hurting in the first day of the indoor games and his pain and discomfort intensified during the competition. His knee wasn’t totally recovered since he got injured in October 2016 and he will need to take some extra rest in order to feel better. We all hope he will feel better before the Nimes, so he will be present in the competition and give his best performance, as always.