Las Vegas is known as the city of sins, the city where anything is allowed and where you do something, it definitely stays with the city. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, is what the saying goes. Las Vegas is known for the Strip, where most of the casinos are located. There are so many casinos in Las Vegas, that if you didn’t know where to go, might end up in the wrong one, which is particularly true for online casinos, some of which have really enticing promotions to lure you in. an example of a good promotion, on the other hand, are the William Hill Vegas Promos. But that is not the only thing that Las Vegas is known for.

Las Vegas is also a city which is rather competitive in sports. They have plenty of teams which compete in different sports. Here are the best sports teams that Las Vegas has to offer.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights

When you combine hockey and a desert landscape, you get something which shouldn’t really work. The NHL is highly competitive, and the Golden Knights were not really praised at the start of their debut season in 2017-2018. They were given odds of 500 to 1 to win the Stanley Cup. The joke was on the bookmakers, though. While they did not win the Stanley Cup, they managed to get to the very finals, where they lost, becoming the runner ups in their debut season. They play in the Pacific division and are looking at improving and competing for the title.

The Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are an interesting bunch. They moved from Oakland to Los Angeles and then back to Oakland again. In 2017, they were approved to move to Las Vegas, to a new stadium which is to be built in Paradise, Nevada. It is to be adjacent to the Mandalay Bay casino and resort. It is currently under construction. It will be the Raiders’ new home and whether Las Vegas fans find more love for the team because of them moving into their front yard remains to be seen. The NFL is full of passionate fans and the Raiders will likely find new fans as soon as they move into their new stadium.

The Las Vegas 51s

Baseball is an interesting sport in Vegas, with the 51s being in the Triple A Minor league, which is the highest tier of the Minor League. They are a relatively successful team, competing at a really high level, but still not high enough to be in the Major league.

The Las Vegas Lights FC

They currently play association football in the USL Championship, which is the second tier level of football in the US, behind the Major League Soccer. The Las Vegas Lights are a relatively novel team, being founded, again, in 2017 and having played their first season in 2018. They did not qualify for the playoffs, finishing 15 in their own group, or rather, the West Conference.

These are the best sports teams from, or soon to be in Las Vegas.