If you are new to the world of sports betting, there are two important choices that you should make. First, you should decide which sport you want to bet on. Secondly, you should look for online bookmakers with good bonus offers for your sport of choice. The website mybonuscode.co.uk has some very helpful bookie reviews and tips to help you with the latter.

When choosing the right sport, you should keep in mind that there is no single best sport for betting, rather you should ask yourself what sports you enjoy most and are there sports that you are particularly knowledgeable about. These are the right sports for you because your betting success will greatly depend on how much you know about the sport in question.

That being said, listed below are some sports that offer more betting markets and exciting opportunities for punters, such as bonuses, promotions, live betting, etc.


Football is number one on every sports betting list simply because it is the most popular sport in the world and thus it has the biggest choice of betting markets on offer. This beloved sport attracts millions of punters every year and bookies are really doing a great job of making their offer more appealing. If you choose to bet on football you will enjoy numerous online resources, not to mention all the promotions you can choose from and the fact that football is on offer online and offline every day 24/7.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is still one of the largest betting markets in the world and it is the only sport that is legal in almost every country in the world, including the US and Japan, where sports betting is generally restricted. Horse racing is one of the oldest sports people used to bet on since ancient times, and it is still equally exciting. If you like spending time outdoors, there is nothing like the experience of going to the races.


If you prefer contact sports, boxing is the right choice for you. It has huge coverage and plenty of betting opportunities. Popular bets include betting on the winner, a method of victory and a total number of rounds in a fight. In addition, you can greatly profit from comparing the odds, since they vary greatly depending on the bookie.


Rugby Union and Rugby League gather millions of fans every year, and many of them love to bet on the sport. In addition, there are many other leagues and competitions you can bet on, and you can be sure that you will never run out of opportunities to bet on. Most popular games offer live betting too and you will often find more than 30 different betting markets per competition.